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Jungle Graves is one of the top picks right now: here's our in-depth guide to Graves, including his jungle route!
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by Ashelia on February 1, 2016 0

Jhin is now available for all to play! 


It's been a couple weeks since Jhin's reveal and public preview on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for League of Legends.  He's just gone live in the main game, and is available to every player.


You can purchase him for 1350RP or pick him up in his launch bundle for 1837RP. The bundle is available from now until 23:59PT on February 8 and includes the High Noon skin, so be sure to grab him while he's hot! 

In case you're still unfamiliar with him, Jhin is a marksman who specializes in slow, high-damage attacks that relies heavily on his skills to deal massive damage on his opponents. 


Be sure to check out Jhin in all of his glory in our 3D modelviewer, where you can rotate him and examine each of his poses and even preview his cowboy-themed High Noon skin. 





If you missed it, here's Jhin's public reveal, which details everything the new champion has to offer--ranging from his skills to a close-up look at the gun he wields. Like most new Champions, Jhin offers special interactions with some of the Champions he faces out on the field. We've showcased them right here.


by Ashelia on January 30, 2016 3

The weekly contest returns this week after a break from our huge Snowdown Showdown giveaway. This week, we're asking you to play three games as female champions only!


To enter this week's challenge:


  • Simply enter the contest once you have completed three games with any of the valid champions before the contest ends on Friday, February 5th.
  • Check the rules.
  • That's it.

2 Prizes

  • One winner will receive a Razer Naga (Hex or regular)
  • One winner will receive a $20 RP code

Previous Winners

The last contest was our holiday one. All winners were posted in the post and RP is in the process of being sent out!

by Ashelia on January 28, 2016 0

We've teamed up with Shakarez to create a new weekly video segment called LolKing's pick of the week. Last week we covered support Poppy for our first episode.

This week, we've decided to tackle jungle Graves. After the changes to marskmen recently, Graves became a jungle all-star in both solo queue and competitive play. As the season reset this past week, many people across every region who climbed to Challenger as soon as possible played Graves and for a good reason--he's incredibly strong.

Watch the video below to learn more about Graves' jungle clear and playstyle then read our guide to refresh on item paths and more!




Be sure to subscribe to LolKing's YouTube channel for upcoming stat videos and other League of Legends coverage!


To recap, here's some of the strengths he brings to the jungle:

  • Deceptively durable. Unlike most ADCs, Graves feels more like a bruiser due to Quickdraw giving him extra resistances. It also reloads one shell, so it increases his DPS when used. The trick to maximize DPS is to shoot a shell then Quickdraw then shoot your remaining two bullets.
  • End of the Line is great for jungling. Since his Q is guaranteed detonation with terrain and provides instant extra damage, he's great at clearing--and any duels that may break out early game.


Learning with LolKing

We've thrown together a quick LolKing guide to jungle Graves with our item
path and other base information. In addition:
by Ashelia on January 27, 2016 3

Love is in the air. In celebration of Valentine's Day, two champions are set to receive skins: Heartseeker Orianna and Sweetheart Sona. Be sure to click on the images to check them out in our 3D modelviewer. 


Be sure to let us know what you think of the new skins down in the comments below. 


by comely on January 26, 2016 2

It's time once again for the Lunar Revel, join in the festivities from January 26th through February 8th. Use our 3D modelviewer to preview skins and see if any of them meet your fancy.


This Year's Lunar Revel Has Brought Us Three New Skins! 

Check out Radiant Wukong, Lunar Wraith Caitlyn, and Lunar Wraith Morgana in our 3D model viewer and let us know your favorite!



Four New Summoner Icons and Radiant Dawn Ward

Choose from Monkey KingNightshade Serpent, Shadow Wolf, and Lunar Guardian for 250 RP each. There is also the Radiant Dawn ward for 640 RP.



Deals, Deals, Deals!

The personalized deals from Snowdown are back with a Lunar Revel makeover. Flip over your six deals to find champions and skins up to 70% off. Unfortunately it doesn't included content from within 90 days, nor legacy/limited skins, but there are still plenty of great skins to hope for.


Mystery Gift Boost

Mystery Gifts through February 8th have a doubled chance of containing Lunar Revel skins or being legendary! Spread the festival spirit and cross your fingers.


by Shakarez on January 26, 2016 0

The season has just started, but with two weeks of play, we have already seen some teams rise above others and isolate themselves in the standings. For the average player, there's a little too much content to watch--and that's where we come in! Here are LolKing's top games to catch up on from the second week of the season, including highlights of some plays from each game.

Korea: The Tigers Continue to show dominance in Korea


Link to the match


Week 2 and yet another feature on the ROX Tigers. It’s really hard not to give them spotlight, given how well they’ve been playing.


This week their task was definitely a hard one, having to face off KT Rolster, one of the other top teams in LCK.

The arrival of carry jungler Yoon "Peanut" Wang-ho has done wonders for the Tigers and he’s one of the only players to be able to pull off good performances on Nidalee so far this year.


In game 1, the Tigers drafted a very skirmish heavy composition, as is usual for them, the composition they went for is extremely mobile and the idea here is mostly to play around the fact that KT lacked primary engage, being extremely dependant on bindings from Lux or Morgana to start a fight.



The early game was mostly even, with ROX using Twisted Fate’s ultimate, Destiny and coordinated jungle invades to gain advantages, but Fly put on a very good performance on Lux, being able to hold his own in the mid lane.



17 minutes into the game, the Tigers punished KT and showed just how mobile their composition was in a prolonged fight. After cementing a lead, the World Championship runner ups abused the fact that KT could never engage and played a very patient game sieging turret after turret and displayed superior macro game, making KT run circles across the map. Longzhu vs ROX Tigers.



Overall it was a very good BO3 to watch, I would recommend watching it all!


Other sets/games to watch:

  • Longzhu vs ROX Tigers

  • Samsung vs Longzhu



China: Clearlove is back!

Link to the match


EDG’s matches on Sunday versus Vici Gaming marked the return of one of the world’s best junglers, Ming “Clearlove” Kai. This marked a turning point for an EDG that had been performing poorly up until that moment.

Clearlove returned to the LPL and brought two peculiar picks (at least from what we’ve been seeing mostly): Nocturne and Rengar.

In game one, the draft looked pretty generic, on Vici Gaming’s side, by the end of second rotation they had a double ADC comp with a Lulu and a tank to protect the back line. On EDG’s side and after seeing both of VG’s solo lanes, EDG end their composition with Nocturne and Twisted Fate.


With these two champions EDward Gaming now have two global ultimates. Twisted Fate’s Destiny will reveal everyone on the enemy side while Nocturne’s Paranoia will deny vision from everyone on the enemy team. It also allows them to bypass the front line and easily reach a very squishy back line and assassinate this double AD Carry composition.


The game started slow and Clearlove essentially farmed to level 6. Once he unlocked Paranoia EDG started to coordinate dives in multiple lanes using Destiny, Paranoia and even teleport from Koro1's Trundle. While not every dive went in their favor, they started to amass a gold lead from it.



I would also recommend watching game 2 where Clearlove pulled out his Rengar, excellent performance overall from one of China’s biggest names in this set versus Vici Gaming.


Other sets/games to watch:

  • Masters3 vs Qiao Gu Reapers

  • invictus Gaming vs Hyper Youth Gaming (Game 2 - Featuring Quinn mid!)


North America: The battle for the top of the League.


Link to the match


Going into the last day of the NA LCS, the most anticipated matchup was NRG vs IMT, the two teams that have been performing the best this split.

Straight up from champion select we can see big differences in playstyles from each team. NRG built a team composition around poke and siege, using Corki, Nidalee and Varus’ long range alongside Alistar and Maokai as the team’s frontline to keep them as safe as possible.


On IMT’s side we see the reaction to this poke composition. The Immortals flexed the Lissandra between top and mid until last pick and after seeing the Varus they opted to put her top lane and pick Zed, for a composition with triple back line threat and extremely strong flanking.


On paper, I’m of the opinion that the composition was easier to execute for Immortals, while NRG had to focus on establishing solid vision control in order to be able to walk up to turrets and destroy them without getting caught off guard.


For the first 20 minutes the game was very even with NRG gaining gold from destroying objectives while the Immortals won teamfights and skirmishes by flanking correctly.



It was not until 23 minutes into the game that a big fight broke out and one of the teams got a huge advantage, being able to ace their opponents and transition that to a free Baron.



Other sets/games to watch:

  • Team Impulse vs Cloud9

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9


Europe: Origen are still striving to find their level


Link to the match



After their debut loss to Roccat, Vitality has been looking like a top team in Europe as most fans expected them to be. Origen on the other hand, has been looking nothing like the World’s Semi-finalist as it seems they have been struggling to figure out what’s good in the current meta.



Right from champion select we saw three very interesting picks. Vitality picked Graves, but put him top lane, a role that has seen significantly less play than in the jungle. On Origen’s side, they drafted Kindred, but once again the champion went to the AD Carry position instead of jungle. This game also marked the return of PowerOfEvil’s Syndra, one of the champions he’s most known for.


The game was, from beginning to end, one of the most balanced games in EU LCS this split. Origen dominated the early game and even with help of what could be considered a game-changing bug they picked up a lot of kills on Zven’s Kindred, who started to snowball out of control.



Despite the kill differential, Vitality never really fell behind that much, as they gained most of their gold from a CS differential on top lane and by taking down more turrets than Origen.


The game featured exciting, back and forth teamfights and just when you thought Vitality were out of the game, they won a teamfight after having their Kalista die first.



Other sets/games to watch:

  • Fnatic vs H2k-Gaming

  • Fnatic vs Unicorns of Love

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